Preparing Your Tree for Winter 

Whenever the freezing winds blow and you are heating yourself up by the fire, you should not neglect your trees. Your trees certainly require a couple of preparatory things before the cold winds rise.  

In appreciation for the generous shade these trees offer you all summer and spring, you should provide them a leg up in their fight against the worst weather this season.  

Winter is an excellent time to provide your trees a bit of additional attention, even if you live in a place where winter days aren’t that severe.  

Before you hire the best tree service  for your regular tree maintenance, here are several things you can do to prepare your tree for winter.  

Wrap the Trunk 

The term utilized for the damaged caused by shifting winter temperatures is “Sunscald”. 

The cells of the trunk can come out from dormancy and become active due to the warm winter sun. However, conductive tissues and active cells are killed whenever temperatures drop below freezing again. This will cause damage that might result in unappealing scarring.  

You should wrap the trunk using a light-colored crepe paper wrap to prevent sunscald. You should certainly do this with the saplings. You should start wrapping from the trunk’s base all the way up to the bottom set of branches. Make sure you overlap layers by 1/3. Whenever winter is over, you can get rid of the wrap. 

To reflect the sun, several individuals paint their trunks white. However, you’ll end up having unappealing white trunks.  


Before the ground freezes, you should water your tree properly across the fall season. This is particularly true when it comes to saplings. Water can provide insulation to the tree. In addition to that, moist soil has a tendency to stay warmer compared to a dry one. Thus, watering can help protect the roots of your trees as well. 

More Mulch 

The soil will contract and expand because of the repeated thawing and freezing. This can heave newly planted trees out of the soil and damage the roots.  

You should insulate the roots to keep a more constant temperature in the soil. In early winter or late fall, you can add 2 up to 3 inches of mulch around the tree’s base. This will also help in lowering moisture loss.  

Since the base still needs to breathe, you should be careful not to pile mulch against the trunk directly. You need to make sure that the mulch resembles closely a donut instead of applying it in a volcano shape.  


If you ensure that they’re clear of deadwood and are pruned well, you can provide your tree a healthy start this winter. Cable, brace, or trim them to offer stability if there are branches or limbs that might pose a threat to your walkways or property.  

Keep in mind that there are still several things you’ve got to do when winter finally arrives. If you are a busy person who does not have any extra time to take care of the tree, you can always count on a tree cutting companies for help.  


Do I Need to Have a Window Cleaning Service?

Cleaning your window regularly will make your home brighter and more beautiful. You are probably thinking that hiring a professional service might be a bit costly than cleaning it on your own, and that it is an easy job. However, you might be wrong. Also, there could be potential hazards that you will encounter along the way. 


There are a lot of available El Cajon CA Window Cleaning Services that you can hire. Remember, paying some little cash is so much better than having safety risks and damages.  

Why do you need to have a regular cleaning? It is because: (1) It will keep your windows in shape for longer duration by removing natural contaminants like hard water, acid rain, etc., and (2) It makes you feel more comfortable especially when smudges and dirt have been obstructing the sunlight on your window. By removing them, you will have a clear view of the view outside and the sun. 


So, do you need a window cleaning service? Here we provide you the reaso why YES is the answer: 


  1. It saves you time

DIY will be convenient if you have one window in your house; however, that is not always the case. When you choose to DIY your window cleaning project, it will cost you a lot of time which could be spent on some things in the house.  


  1. They are affordable

This job is surely low-cost, which can suit your regular home maintenance budget. The typical range is from $150-200. If you choose to DIY, you will be needing materials and equipment which may be costly.  


The prices vary and depend on the size of the window or how heavy the task is. But one thing is for sure, you will be spending a little amount of money because of window cleaning services cheaper than buying your materials for cleaning. 


The following are an approximation of costs for DIY Window Cleaning 

Ladder – $100 

Safety Goggles  – $10 

Cleaning Solution – $20 

Hose – $30 

Spray Nozzle – $15 

Extension poles – $60 


Other materials you might need are rags, squeezes, and many more. 


  1. You can add other tasks

Some companies also offer other services like gutter cleaning, chimney sweeping, roof cleaning, and the list goes on. 


Some even offer screens, sills, and blinds cleaning service.  


  1. They give quality and better results

Do not get us wrong. It is okay to clean it yourself and feel satisfied with it, but we need to admit that professionals have the necessary equipment, skills, solution, concentration, and experience in doing the task. You might not notice but sometimes, we leave streaks that experts cannot afford to ignore. Your contractors also care about their reputation so they will make sure your windows are spotless. 


  1. They remove insect infestations

Are you noticing some bees and hornets nesting on your window, or ladybugs and other insects? Availing company service is the solution. It is completely dangerous if you remove them yourself because bees and hornets would attack you. Company services have the proper equipment for nests’ removal. 




Things You Should Know About Septic Tank Systems

A septic tank system is a very essential thing for every homeowner. The process which the water used in residential properties go through does not bother most of the homeowners that use it. As a matter of fact, most of the homeowners turn the water on, then off without even bothering where the waste of those filthy water goes or what really happens to it. The systems that people invented to deal with waste are very efficient, yet complicated however, in some instances, water still requires to be collected and dealt with in some other ways which is why a professional septic tank installation in Port Charlotte is very important. In addition to that, the septic tank system is also one of the things that you need to use if not linked to a standard drainage system.

Some places basically use septic tanks, mostly rural or remote areas use this. Don’t be mistaken by the truth that a lot of people live in the suburbs and the cities. With that being said, there are still a lot of places which require to use these septic tanks and some other appliances in order to maintain a normal lifestyle. If the septic tank is used well, it is very useful and thus, can serve a home for many years to come.

A septic tank collects water that is used by a residential property. Having said that, the septic tank is situated near the house and may differ in size. Some septic tanks are small for small houses while some are big enough for a big house. It basically holds all the water waste which the property produces. it also holds the waste in different areas. Some of the solid wastes are being held at the septic tank bottom and they are held for quite some time until they are broken down into the smallest molecule due to the process called normal decomposing. However, the process does not apply on the liquid wastes that are being collected in the septic tank because the entire thing requires to be pumped out anyway.

The very important thing about the septic tank system is that, it is very durable and strong, that the quality of holding and collecting of the water waste will be relatively good and that it’ll able you to maintain a regular water use and a normal life, as well. A great septic tank system maintenance service can last for a lot of years without requiring any attention from the owner of the house.

It basically means that a good septic tank system will allow a good, normal lifestyle just like any other house in any city or some other areas, without feeling that it’s a septic tank which collects wastes and not just a regular drainage system. Furthermore, one thing that a homeowner needs to take good care of is that, there’s a professional pumping service which will handle all of their septic tank issues at a regular interval. These people are the ones who perform pumping services and will ensure that the entire water disposal service isn’t causing any trouble to the people living in the house.


Signs That You Need to De-Clutter Your Air Ducts

Traditionally, winter is the time where you’ll be breathing the dustiest and driest air of the entire season. That’s why it is also known as the flu and cold season.

However, the reason for this is not completely because of the natural lower humidity levels of winter. Your house might also be contributing to the allergies that make your life unhappy.

In previous years, de-cluttering has become so well-known. People do this in their garage, shed, room, and much more. However, there’s one part of the house that’s often neglected. That’s the indoor air ducts.

In a typical house, there are a lot of types of clutter inside the air duct systems. Here are a couple of them:

  • Insulation fibers
  • Viral germs
  • Fungi/bacteria
  • Secondhand smoke
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Rodent/insect waste
  • Mold and mildew spores
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Dirt
  • Dust and dust mites

Obviously, these things mentioned above aren’t the type of clutter you want to have in your home. However, in almost every case, you will never even know your air ducts are littered with toxins since it is not simple to look inside your air ducts. That is why hiring a professional Air Duct Cleaning Rochester Hills MI company is crucial.

Should every homeowner worry about cluttered and clogged air ducts? Well, the answer is simple. Yes. They should worry. This is particularly true if there are indications that the clutter is affecting the health of their family and their utility bill.

Here are a couple of serious health symptoms connected to dirty air ducts:

Repetitive Sickness

The cause might the air inside your house that is making you feel sick if you simply feel like your immune system is not doing its job and you cannot identify the cause of your sickness.

Chronic Daytime Fatigue

Without a doubt, it is a lot more difficult to sleep at night if you’ve got a sore throat, respiratory distress, or allergy symptoms. Because of this, you will possibly experience chronic daytime tiredness.

Worsening Asthma or Allergies

Almost every individual suffers from some sort of seasonal allergies. However, it’s an indication that your air ducts might be releasing allergens to keep you sick if someone on your family is experiencing more serious asthma symptoms or if your allergies appear to be getting worse out of season.

Recurrent Sore Throat

A recurrent sore throat is one well-known indication of allergens, dust mites, mildew, and mold inside your air ducts. The soreness is an indication that the immune system of your body is working very hard to try to keep you healthy.

Severe Respiratory Distress

Earache, headache, nasal drips, shortness of breath, wheezing, sneezing, and coughing are all popular signs of sinusitis. You will never get the chance to completely heal if your respiratory system is continuously breathing toxins in.

If you experience one or more of these signs, then it is time for you to call a professional air duct cleaning company. They will clean your air ducts to ensure that you are breathing fresh and clean air.


What to Do in Case of Septic Tank Backup

What can you do if there are septic problems or sewer pollution in your home? You must know what your response is when it comes to building or home flooding. A backup toilet is gross. It is also dangerous as it may pose serious threats to the safety of your household.

To address that, you must inspect the septic system and sanitize your home. Of course, there are additional steps needed for the sanitation of the building that has been flooded or washed away, as well as the steps necessary for the return to service of the house, including the waste and ventilation system. You should also know to avoid the overflow of the toilet, including some first-aid services for cleaning or sewing failures and other situations.

Is it Safe to Enter the Septic Tank?

If there’s any problem with your septic tank, the first thing that you should make sure of is if it’s safe to enter the contaminated wastewater treatment facility. Where sewage or pollutants are contaminating a building, hazardous electrical wiring, bacterial and pathogenic hazards, fungal dangers, and unsafe mechanical systems can occur.

Contact with standing water or damp materials is likely to result in switching off the energy of the flooded area, be it electrical wires, extension cables, electrical equipment, or appliances. Sewer spilled areas should not be occupied by individuals with protective equipment, which is not suitable because they are hazardous. Certain measures can be taken to prevent continuous penetration of the sewer or the distribution of liquids into the house. For instance, to prevent toile overflow or allow fresh air in, open all doors or windows. This will also minimize wastewater propagation.

What to Do in Case of Septic Tank Problem

Turn off running water to activate the discharge system. You may also start flushing the toilet to see if there’s any change. Turn off the water to the building and turn the heating system off, both hot water and steam, especially if it spreads the sewage or the groundwater out of a broken pipeline or heater.

Things are better placed outside when they have been polluted. It can be easier to inspect, patch leakages, and clean the building itself by removing wet and dirty building materials. Do not treat sewage polluted materials for bacterial, pathogenic, respiratory, and infectious hazards without regard to your personal safety.

Sewer Backup Cleaning and Home Preservation

Replace waste-polluted materials such as tapestries, tapestry, and damp books. Proper washing out of these things can save some of your still useful room tapestries. Please let the tapestry cleaner know about the tapestry area that’s filled with wastewater. Nevertheless, it is important to remove wall-to-wall carpets and sewage-contaminated paddings.

Save building materials that aren’t contaminated by moving them to clear dry areas that are out of the risk zone. In general, the scale of and costs for the clean-up and disinfection of buildings are not merely that to move polluted building material to the clean construction area. It can make sense to transport wet or contaminated items to concrete, tiled floor garage or similar space if it is not practical to move items outdoors temporarily. If you need any help, you can simply call Septic Tank Man.