Do I Need to Have a Window Cleaning Service?

Cleaning your window regularly will make your home brighter and more beautiful. You are probably thinking that hiring a professional service might be a bit costly than cleaning it on your own, and that it is an easy job. However, you might be wrong. Also, there could be potential hazards that you will encounter along the way. 


There are a lot of available El Cajon CA Window Cleaning Services that you can hire. Remember, paying some little cash is so much better than having safety risks and damages.  

Why do you need to have a regular cleaning? It is because: (1) It will keep your windows in shape for longer duration by removing natural contaminants like hard water, acid rain, etc., and (2) It makes you feel more comfortable especially when smudges and dirt have been obstructing the sunlight on your window. By removing them, you will have a clear view of the view outside and the sun. 


So, do you need a window cleaning service? Here we provide you the reaso why YES is the answer: 


  1. It saves you time

DIY will be convenient if you have one window in your house; however, that is not always the case. When you choose to DIY your window cleaning project, it will cost you a lot of time which could be spent on some things in the house.  


  1. They are affordable

This job is surely low-cost, which can suit your regular home maintenance budget. The typical range is from $150-200. If you choose to DIY, you will be needing materials and equipment which may be costly.  


The prices vary and depend on the size of the window or how heavy the task is. But one thing is for sure, you will be spending a little amount of money because of window cleaning services cheaper than buying your materials for cleaning. 


The following are an approximation of costs for DIY Window Cleaning 

Ladder – $100 

Safety Goggles  – $10 

Cleaning Solution – $20 

Hose – $30 

Spray Nozzle – $15 

Extension poles – $60 


Other materials you might need are rags, squeezes, and many more. 


  1. You can add other tasks

Some companies also offer other services like gutter cleaning, chimney sweeping, roof cleaning, and the list goes on. 


Some even offer screens, sills, and blinds cleaning service.  


  1. They give quality and better results

Do not get us wrong. It is okay to clean it yourself and feel satisfied with it, but we need to admit that professionals have the necessary equipment, skills, solution, concentration, and experience in doing the task. You might not notice but sometimes, we leave streaks that experts cannot afford to ignore. Your contractors also care about their reputation so they will make sure your windows are spotless. 


  1. They remove insect infestations

Are you noticing some bees and hornets nesting on your window, or ladybugs and other insects? Availing company service is the solution. It is completely dangerous if you remove them yourself because bees and hornets would attack you. Company services have the proper equipment for nests’ removal.